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Help reforest our landscapes one step at a time.

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Make strides in restoring the planet.

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Maximise your impact in combatting climate change.

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Green Business

Take the first steps towards having a net zero company.

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Greener Business

Hit your company’s sustainability goals in leaps and bounds.

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Become a future-focused organisation for your customers and the planet.

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Whilst the number of seed pods are fixed to a membership plan, due to differing types of vegetation being planted, the figures that appear above representing ‘CO2 removed' and ‘land restored' are estimates based on equivalent restoration projects.

The ‘CO2 removed per month' is an estimate, calculated using conservative averages for Australia. The average CO2 removed by vegetation per hectare per year in Australia is 10 tonnes. CO2 removed is an estimated monthly average based on a 25-year growing period.

Month-on-month results displayed in a member's dashboard may vary and are dependent on the specific projects being supported and species being planted.

An AirSeed subscription is not an offset product. We do not measure the rate of carbon sequestration associated with your subscription as a carbon offset. This means that you cannot say you “offset” your emissions through your subscription, and you must not sell or offer for sale any offsets or other carbon related products on the basis of your subscription. However, by planting a seed pod you are voluntarily reducing your emissions and helping to restore lost biodiversity.

For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions.