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We work with governments, corporations, companies with CSR goals, and NGOs to combat climate change and biodiversity loss.

Our drone technology, artificial and data-driven intelligence, and proprietary seed pod biotechnology ensure that we make the biggest impact.

Our process

An innovative and scalable solution.

Reforestation and revegetation that is faster and cheaper than traditional manual planting practices.

Mapping and Ground Truthing

Our experts visit each planting site to collect imagery for mapping, identify onsite species, and understand the landscape being restored.

Mapping plays an integral part in planning our restoration activities, allowing us to optimise our planting approach. Ground truthing allows us to compare data from our initial investigations with what is actually on the ground, including plant species in the area, aiding the analysis of the mapped data.

Seed Pod Manufacturing

Before planting, our seeds are encased in pods containing everything a plant needs to get the best start in life.

Created onsite using our proprietary mobile manufacturing plant, our patented seed pods are a low-cost, low-impact solution to restoration at scale. Each pod contains nutrients, minerals, and microbes tailored to each planting site. By providing extra nutrients at a critical stage of a plant’s life, we can increase success rates and boost plant growth.

Planning and Planting

Using our collected data, we plant using A.I. and drone technology, resulting in a process 25x faster than traditional manual planting methods.

Our drones fly autonomously across pre-determined flight paths and planting locations which are optimised for project goals and landscape features. Loaded with seed pods and sent off to plant, our drones record the GPS location of each seed pod as it is released. AirSeed drones can plant up to 40,000 seed pods a day, and up to 16 species at a time.

Post-Planting Monitoring

Our experts revisit planting sites to track the success of our projects.

Monitoring is a critical part of AirSeed’s restoration approach. By revisiting planting sites several times after our seed pods have been planted, our teams are able to use ecological survey techniques and aerial imagery to monitor and report on growth rates, identify potential threats and implement proactive protection measures, and continue the success of the restoration project.

Why plant seed pods, not seedlings?

AirSeed’s proprietary seed pod biotechnology is soil and species specific, nutrient and mineral rich, and aids early stage seedling growth.

Helps rehabilitate soil

Increases soil carbon

No transplant shock

Custom probiotic for planting sites

Nutrient-rich pod to boost early stage growth

Protective coating to repel combative animals

Adaptive capacity to cope with future climate change

Airseed Drones

Using parts from industry-leading suppliers, AirSeed custom designs and builds heavy-lift drone platforms, delivering stable, high-performance flight characteristics for our operational needs.

Together we can make a difference.

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The most frequently asked questions about our process and technologies are answered below.

AirSeed’s HQ is located in Sydney, Australia with a secondary satellite office in Cape Town, South Africa.

AirSeed is currently actively involved with projects across Australia and South Africa and is looking towards expanding into other countries in the future.

AirSeed plants more than just trees! We plant a biodiverse mix of species native to the area that we’re restoring. This can include trees, shrubs, grasses, vines, or other plants that are important for the ecosystem. Our policy is to put the right plant in the right place.

We don’t currently sell our seed pods to third parties. However, if you are looking to partner with AirSeed on a planting project, please reach out to our team at contact@airseedtech.com.

AirSeed partners with governments, NGOs and sustainably-driven corporations for collaborative ecosystem restoration projects. If you’d like to partner with AirSeed, email our team at contact@airseedtech.com.

We don’t currently sell our drones to third parties. However, if you are looking to partner with AirSeed on a planting project, please reach out to our team at contact@airseedtech.com and we’d be happy to assist.

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