We’re a dedicated team of experienced professionals in engineering, agriculture, marine and terrestrial microbiology.

Our management team has a proven track record in early-stage growth businesses and are highly motivated in ensuring the company’s future success.

With a presence in Australia and South Africa, AirSeed has an emerging global reach to tackle a global challenge.

Our management team

Andrew Walker

CEO & Co-Founder

A senior leader, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience within the prestigious automotive and aerospace design sectors for companies such as BMW and AirBus Industries. Andrew holds a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and is experienced in building and scaling engineering focused companies.

Andrew leads all AirSeed project initiatives whilst also being heavily involved in the engineering and development of all drone-based system hardware.

Andries Louw

CTO & Co-Founder

One of the most experienced mapping and drone data analysts in Africa, Andries has done extensive research in the field of GeoSpatial data and its implementation in precision agriculture and land surveying. He has mapped and processed over 40,000 hectares across Australia and Africa, and offers a strong technical background in UAV systems.

Andries leads all mapping and data analysis for AirSeed, and is responsible for infield planting operations, transport logistics and ensuring the company operates within UAV regulatory requirements.

Pieter Van Zyl

Senior Robotics Engineer

Pieter is a highly skilled engineer specialising in Mechatronics Engineering. He has over 5 years’ experience working with UAV and payload systems and electronic and software development.

Jonathan Dawe

Commercial Director

As a Chartered Accountant originally from Canada, Jonathan brings with him over 15 years of industry experience, having worked in senior finance roles across public and private enterprise, and the not-for-profit sector.

Dr Quang-Duy La

Data Science & Machine Learning

An accomplished data scientist, Quang has a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering, publishing over 30 papers. Quang previously worked at Temasek Labs and Singapore University of Technology & Design where he led a team of researchers and engineers in building machine learning algorithms.

Dr Rachael Gallagher

Research Partner - Plant Ecologist, Western Sydney University

Dr Rachael Gallagher is a plant ecologist passionate about ensuring conservation of the Australian flora. Her work focuses on the vulnerability of plants to human-induced threats, including climate change and invasive species, using a combination of data science and field experiments.

She enjoys working closely with industry partners to create novel solutions to pressing environmental issues, such as restoration, species extinction and urban expansion. As Deputy Chair of the NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee, Rachael’s research is used to inform conservation policy and action.

Dr Sasha Tetu

Research Partner - Microbial Ecologist, Macquarie University

Dr Sasha Tetu is a microbial ecologist whose research utilises a variety of modern microbiology and ‘omics’ techniques to investigate important microorganisms in soil, marine and host-associated environments.

Her research seeks to explore the varied yet vital ways that microorganisms contribute to animal, plant and ecosystem health.

Dr Dave Suggett

Research Partner – Marine Ecologist, University of Technology Sydney

Dr David Suggett is a highly-cited marine biologist within the Climate Change Cluster (University of Technology Sydney) specialising in understanding how environments and climate shape the form and function of coral reef ecosystems. He has increasingly worked alongside industry and tourism sectors to use knowledge of coral biology and reef ecology to rehabilitate degraded reefs at scale.

David has coordinated the first scalable coral propagation program on the Great Barrier Reef, integrating activity of the tour operator industry under the Coral Nurture Program, to develop novel reef rehabilitation capacity.

Ruapu Maka

Chief Pilot & Compliance Officer

Ruapu has been working with uncrewed aircraft systems for over 6 years. He has operated under CASA, EASA and FAA guidelines conducting highly complex and innovative operations.

Dr Charlotte Mills

Chief Ecologist

Charlotte has a PhD in ecology from UNSW and almost 10 years’ experience delivering ecological projects in remote environments. She is a highly skilled scientist and has published numerous articles on ecology in international scientific journals.

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