We’re here for your sustainability goals. That’s why we offer a range of business subscriptions to help your company give back and reach net zero faster than ever.



Select the service that’s right for you.

AirSeed offers a range of plans to suit your budget and level of contribution. Whether big or small, your subscription will have a lasting impact on our landscapes.


Our drones plant on your behalf.

Using drone technology, our experts plant seed pods for you at one of our many project sites. What’s more, we monitor them long-term, to ensure each pod has the best possible conditions to thrive.


See the impact for yourself.

You’ll receive ongoing updates via your personal dashboard, including how many pods you’ve planted, how much CO2 you’ve removed, and how much land has been restored thanks to you.


Spread the good word.

We know that sharing is caring. That’s why our referral program rewards you for inviting others. For each successful referral, you’ll both earn bonus seed pods to boost your restoration efforts. The more people involved, the greater your impact.


From little things, big things grow. Our monthly subscription helps you reduce your business’ carbon footprint effectively.




Take the first steps towards having a net zero company.

$24.99 AUD / Month

20 pods planted per month

7 KG of CO2 removed per month

80 m2 land restored per month

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Hit your company’s sustainability goals in leaps and bounds.

$59.99 AUD / Month

50 pods planted per month

17 KG of CO2 removed per month

200 m2 land restored per month

Best Value


Become a future-focused organisation for your customers and the planet.

$118.99 AUD / Month

100 pods planted per month

33 KG of CO2 removed per month

400 m2 land restored per month


If you’re wanting to make a larger contribution or create a custom plan for your business, our team would be happy to help. Simply get in touch at

Whilst the number of seed pods are fixed to a membership plan, due to differing types of vegetation being planted, the figures that appear above representing ‘CO2 removed’ and ‘land restored’ are estimates based on equivalent restoration projects.

The ‘CO2 removed per month’ is an estimate, calculated using conservative averages for Australia. The average CO2 removed by vegetation per hectare per year in Australia is 10 tonnes. CO2 removed is an estimated monthly average based on a 25-year growing period.

Month-on-month results displayed in a member’s dashboard may vary and are dependent on the specific projects being supported and species being planted.

An AirSeed subscription is not an offset product. We do not measure the rate of carbon sequestration associated with your subscription as a carbon offset. This means that you cannot say you “offset” your emissions through your subscription, and you must not sell or offer for sale any offsets or other carbon related products on the basis of your subscription. However, by planting a seed pod you are voluntarily reducing your emissions and helping to restore lost biodiversity.

For more information, please visit our Terms and Conditions.


As an AirSeed member, you can take comfort knowing that your business is supporting local Aussie communities. Whether restoring native habitats or rebuilding bushfire-stricken landscapes, our tech ensures that your contributions work smarter to make an impact in your own backyard. 

Plus, members receive access to exclusive benefits:

  • Reduce your business’ carbon footprint for as little as $24.99 per month.
  • Watch your company’s impact grow via your own personal dashboard.
  • Manage your business membership and pause your plan as needed.
  • Receive ongoing updates including photos and videos tracking our progress.
  • Share your unique AirSeed story for marketing purposes.
  • Restore land on behalf of your team in a one-of-a-kind employee engagement.
  • Work with AirSeed to engage staff through unique internal events. Contact us to find out more.


In 2020, approximately 80% of ASX 100 companies published CSR reports, and 85% of investors prioritised companies that fund CSR engagements. Engaging in CSR and reporting on it builds trust and accountability with your stakeholders and customers.

With AirSeed, your investment goes further. Our unique approach is 25x faster and 80% more cost effective than traditional planting methods, meaning that every dollar you contribute has a greater impact on the environment.



The most frequently asked questions about our memberships are answered below.

Absolutely! We partner with amazing organisations who are looking to support Australian restoration projects and strengthen their ESG goals. There are a variety of AirSeed memberships available to businesses. However, if you’re looking to create a bespoke package or wanting to make a larger contribution, please contact our team at and we’d be happy to help!

Each month you will support the planting of seed pods across AirSeed projects. As a member, you’ll have access to an online dashboard that showcases how many pods you’ve planted, the total area you’ve helped restore, the estimated CO2 your seed pods will remove from the atmosphere, and the number of species you’ve planted. You’ll also learn about the projects you’re supporting, and receive regular and ongoing updates with photos and videos to showcase the positive impact you’re making!

When you’ve logged into your member dashboard, you’ll get insights into metrics such as how many pods you’ve planted, the total area you’ve helped restore, the estimated COyour seed pods will remove from the atmosphere, and the number of species you’ve planted! You’ll also learn about every project you support and receive regular and ongoing updates with photos and videos to demonstrate the impact you’re having.

We offer a variety of personal and business plans which are billed on a monthly basis. To learn more about our plans and pricing, please visit our Join Our Mission page.

No! To become a member of AirSeed, there are no joining fees or hidden costs – just one simple low price to start planting pods across Australia! To learn more about our plans and pricing, please visit our Join Our Mission page.

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