We DON'T just plant trees, we restore ecosystems

About AirSeed

AirSeed leverages a blend of advanced hardware and software technology, data-driven intelligence, and scientific methodologies to revolutionise the scalability and effectiveness of biodiverse planting projects.

Our approach to environmental restoration goes far beyond merely planting trees; we offer an end-to-end service from exploring funding options for your project, assessing project viability, preparing and planting your land, and providing project data in a secure and easily accessible platform to give you confidence that your project is achieving its restoration goals.

Nature & Carbon project assessments

Discover if your land is eligible or viable to generate carbon credits and other co-benefits

We assess land for its eligibility and viability as a carbon project, for biodiversity credits, for other restoration markets and assess if the project is well positioned for funding opportunities.

We offer a rapid assessment of project viability including desktop terrain mapping, soil analysis, climate and ecosystem modelling to assess the potential carbon and co-benefit yields.


  • Comprehensive desktop assessment
  • Site visit for ground-truthing
  • Nature-based market viability assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Bespoke project assessment platform

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Modelling, scoping & planting

Restore land with our innovative tech

Our expert team will work with you to understand all your project goals and ensure the project is delivered to a high standard and with integrity. This includes building the project plan, collecting baseline data via drone/satellite remote sensing, and deciding what to plant and where. AirSeed will undertake all the planting including the use of our autonomous drones and will
ensure high resolution GPS data is collected to enable fine-scale tracking of project success.


  • Project scoping
  • Project registration and implementation
  • Species selection
  • Weed detection and elimination
  • Planting optimisation
  • Mapping all vegetation planted
  • Drone planting
  • Site-specific seed pod manufacturing and planting

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Monitoring, reporting & verification

Optimise your planting efforts with our in-depth analysis

Optimise planting efforts with our measurement, reporting, and verification data management platform.

Receive data-driven insights about the progress and success of your planting efforts via our client dashboard. We facilitate data collection using hybrid technology approaches, and through our dashboard you can easily manage and visualise your data, stay informed on potential risks, predicted project outcomes, and have access to streamlined report generation for compliance.


  • Bespoke MRV platform
  • Scalability
  • Expert support
  • Simplified data management
  • Automated reporting
  • Ongoing natural hazard detection and notification
  • Ongoing plant health measurements and threat management recommendations
  • Streamlined compliance workflows
  • Intuitive data interaction
  • Satellite, high-res drone, and ground data overlays

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